BPM CYThelps companies to boost their business through business process optimization

BPM CYTSuccess stories


CARAC is a mutual insurance company specializing in savings, retirement, and life insurance The project consisted in implementing a BPMS (a BPM software) in order to automate...


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RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

For some time now, companies have been calling for tasks that meet these two characteristics - they are repetitive and in high volume - (typically back-office tasks), to a tool...

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Our Partners

BPM CYT has set up several partnerships:

Two BPM software vendors, for projects with high automation and extensive data exploitation

* Signavio, a SAP's subsidiary

* iGrafx, specialized in 360° Process Mining

And a Training Center, PLB, certified Qualiopi, through which we deliver our training programs

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