Our Partners

BPM CYT has today 2 partners:

* a BPM software vendor, a SAP's subsidiary, for projects with a high degree of automation and remarkable data exploitation

* a training organization, certified Qualiopi, through which we deliver our training

SAP Signavio is a global player with offices in Germany, USA, Singapore, France, UK, Australia and Switzerland. SAP Signavio provides collaborative solutions for business process management and operational decisions. The product portfolio includes three very intuitive solutions and all based on collaboration:

  • Signavio Process Editor allows corporate actors to model quality business processes, in a collaborative way.
  •  Signavio Decision Manager allows to manage all operational decisions, in an effective way.
  • Signavio Workflow, a fully web-based and intuitive workflow engine, offers the ability to easily and quickly automate workflows. Signavio offers a free trial version on its website.

PLB Consultant is a Training Center, located in Paris and intended for IT professionals.

For more than 20 years, they have trained tens of thousands of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, in France and abroad.

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