Our Partners

With the objective of strengthening its business and enhancing its services, BPM CYT has established strategic alliances with BPM software vendors and a training center.

iGrafx helps companies discover, design, create, and monitor their business processes.

Process360 Live combines the power of process mining, task mining, design, real-time monitoring, simulation, predictive analytics and automation.

SAP Signavio is a global player with offices in Germany, USA, Singapore, France, UK, Australia and Switzerland.

SAP Signavio provides collaborative solutions for business process management and operational decisions.

Neit Consulting and MAIND is a joint business-delivery group called Neit Group.

Neit Group delivers services in the specific fields of business management, such as data warehouse, BI, CRM, and BPM for the Czech, Slovak, Austrian - and now French - markets.

PLB Consultant is a Training Center, located in Paris and intended for IT professionals.

For more than 20 years, they have trained tens of thousands of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, in France and abroad.

Our flagship course (the framework is in French, the content is in English) BPMN 2.0 Certification course

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