Success stories

Some of our last success stories

March 23, 2024


SMACL Assurances is an insurer of local authorities, associations and local businesses.

The company is based in Niort and has around 600 employees. It develops tailor-made products and offers, calibrated to the needs of its policyholders.

This is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) project. The process designed in UiPath automatically downloads reports, processes them and uploads them to SAP.
In this way, manual interactions are removed, and therefore manual execution errors avoided.

November 23, 2023

Urban Transport

Grupo Metropol, the second largest bus company in Argentina, successfully simplified its spare parts supply chain in its 11 warehouses, using Process Mining technology.

For this, the traces left in the event records in DAZ, the specific software for bus management used by Metropol, were analyzed. Several bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the supply chain processes could be identified.

One of the main challenges that had to be faced was the lack of visibility of the supply chain process from one end to the other, from the moment the area placed an internal order, until delivery in the corresponding warehouse, passing by the purchase order and its authorization.

With Process Mining, the flow of supply decision makers, materials and information throughout the supply chain, from acquisition to delivery, could be accurately visualized.

By improving its procurement process, Grupo Metropol significantly reduced supply costs, purchasing errors, delivery times and improved its relationship with certain essential suppliers.


September 7, 2023


CARAC is a mutual insurance company specializing in savings, retirement, and life insurance

The project consisted in implementing a BPMS (a BPM software) in order to automate and optimize their business processes. So we modeled over a dozen processes related to the management services. The challenge consisted in the models optimisation, the data management, and forms design so as to ensure the processes consistency.

This integration resulted in improved communication management towards customers and the internal services. It also led to a better data pertinence within the application and a reduction in the number of errors.

Furthermore, as we had two business applications, one of which was quite old, we had to integrate RPA  to perform execution tasks related to the management processes.

November 12, 2022


Domitys offers residences for seniors who want to live independently, surrounded by a competent team, in terms of logistics or possible medical support.

The pilot project focused on the Residence "Le Solstice" in Versailles. On the one hand, there are administrative processes for admission and follow-up of residents. And on the other hand of health-related processes, via IoT sensors on different devices.  
And the use of this data for better care of residents.

June 15, 2022

Public Administration

The CNAV (National Old Age Insurance Fund) is a French administration that manages the basic pension of private sector employees, self-employed workers, public-law contract workers and artists-authors, as well as the supplementary pension of self-employed workers.

The project consisted of modeling and performing the processing of batches of data from multiple pension plans. The complexity of these treatments lies in the difference in the reprocessing parameters and in that of the formats of the data batches.

March 22, 2022


BNP Paribas Asset Management is the asset management subsidiary of BNP Paribas. His key areas of expertise: emerging markets, private debt, multi-asset investments and liquidity solutions.

This company is one of the one that have opted for governance via business processes. It has set up a BPM Department. The project consisted in modeling and automating the renewal of what in their jargon is called "prospectuses", new financial products.

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