BPM Software Integration

BPM CYT supports BPMS (Business Process Management System) and iBPMS (intelligent Business Process Management Suite) Vendors, in their software package integration for their customers.

The Vendors' teams are perfectly aware of the added value their software package brings to organizations - companies and public administrations. But sometimes they have a too technical approach to the subject and their vision of the organizations issues is not exhaustive.

Therefore some Vendors choose to be supported by companies like BPM CYT, whose expertise is 100% BPM, and for a long time now. Indeed BPM CYT is a pioneer in BPM, having started its activities in 2009, while the BPMN 2.0 standard was delivered to the market in 2010.

Our services

We are requested by the Vendors' customers for two types of services - at start-up and advanced (see further)

Startup services

* Audit of the organization and its governance by processes

Particularly in the identification of key processes, how these processes are formalized, and the level of satisfaction of this formalization.

* BPMN Expertise

Particularly in the breakdown and modeling of overly complex processes, and in techniques such as process simulation.

* Repository and process mapping

Particularly analysis of the current situation and the recommendation of a process repository with an appropriate nomenclature and of a process map describing the relationships between the processes.

Advanced services

* Process automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Particularly the recommendation of processes and tasks within those processes that should be automated, the metrics,
SLAs and KPIs to be defined for each of the processes to be automated and finally the most appropriate automation method.

* Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence

Particularly the identification of the information to extract for the analyzed processes, the possible process underperformance, compliance violations, bottlenecks and unnecessary costs and risks, and finally the identification through AI of how to best exploit the volume of data generated.

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