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SMEs Training


SMEs Training


  • Theoretical and practical: our courses offer a balance between theory and practice, for a better understanding of concepts and tools. Every course has precise steps, and after each of them, attendees undertake workshops, which can be tuned to their companies specific issues.
  • Tailored feedbacks: the feedbacks given by the speakers are directly related with what the attendees produce. Because in this way, apprenticeship is based on the attendees prior knowledge and thought structures, we make sure that the objective of acquiring the concepts is met.
  • Workshops: either the one already designed for the courses or made-to-measure workshops close to the attendees concerns.
How to effectively model processes
Usually processes are not modelled, only described on Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents. Which make the following of the processes very difficult. In this course attendees learn how to model a process in a simple way and make it easy to understand for all users
Processes: Key information
The objective of this course is to discover the key role of processes in the success for a SME business. And to accurately describe, to easily model and to share this information among the users concerned.
How to manage a project
Once a SME is aware of the key role of processes in its success, the objective of this course is to discover how to manage a project, starting with surveys among the users concerned, and up to change management.
Customized training
We are able to develop training tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This offer requires a previous analysis through a survey with the customer.

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