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Corporate Consulting


Corporate Consulting

BPM CYT helps businesses to effectively manage change through decision-making, optimization and monitoring of their business processes, so as to create a competitive edge - immediate and on-going.

We offer a highly specialized mix of know-how, methodologies and tools allowing businesses to quickly generate value, measurable results and long-lasting BPM solutions.

Our experience providing consulting results in highly satisfied customers. Here under a list of companies we worked for:


Support for process taking over
Large companies management have understood that in order to be responsive, their processes must be regularly documented, reviewed, adapted and optimized so as to stick to their evolving environments. They also know that adaptable business processes generate more important profits and thus a real competitive edge. Many companies don't have in-house process specialists with expertise on BPM and BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation). At BPM CYT, we support companies in their thoughts on their processes, in the efficient use of BPMN 2.0, and in the providing of an accurate methodology.
Business Intelligence improvement thanks to BPM
Companies that have set up a BPMS know it well: to model and to implement is fine, to measure and to anticipate is even better. From a BPM point of view, Business Intelligence is an extension of the information obtained from the processes, because it adds to its main goal – the modelling and execution of business processes -, the ability to analyze the current framework and to provide, in a proactive way, decision elements. Should our customers already use a BPMS, then BPM CYT offers support in the thoughts and analysis of some processes optimization, in particular by the adding of KPIs corresponding to the information the company wants to extract form their processes.
Turnkey Project
Our support goes beyond outlining the process, we fully take care of consultancy through all stages, ranging from analysis and survey, to a precise definition of those aspects to be measured so as to be sure to obtain the improvements expected.

Corporate Consulting

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  • Our Main Services

    * Support for process modelling

    * Support for a BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) choice

    * Business Intelligence improvement thanks to BPM

  • About Technologies

    According of our customers needs, we are able to offer modeling using different technologies, among which we can mention:

    • Signavio Process Editor
    • MEGA Process BPMN
    • IteropSuite
    • Bizagi Modeler
    • Bonita BPM
    • Aris Designer
    • Enterprise Architect
    • Microsoft Visio
    • IBM BPM
    • PNMSoft
    • Magic Draw
    • Sensus BPM Modeler
  • Processes Blog

    At BPM CYT we are specialized in BPM, BPMN and processes optimization.

    We suggest to pay a visit to our Blog on processes, so as to find conceptual and practical information, that could be of interest to companies needing to upturn their processes.

    To enter the blog, click on this link