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Consulting for SMEs


Consulting for SMEs

Having properly analyzed and documented processes allows an improvement at all levels in the company, simplifying tasks, achieving greater effectiveness and therefore the expected business growth.

We have a good experience advising small businesses that need a little push to continue on the path of growth. If you find that in your company there's a sector where you don't get the expected results, we are usually able to offer a tailored solution.

Our Consulting services
We analyse the business and detect the problems reasonable grounds. Our outside view helps to visualize the issues, allowing our customers to maintain the focus on their business. We, either launch new, or optimize actual processes, achieving concrete changes and gains in efficiency and competitiveness.
Our experience
Running a business often prevents to have time to halt so as to identify and to improve processes, which could bring enormous benefits. At BPM CYT we have a quite good experience in this type of consulting, and even sometimes we already know our customers problem, because its a usual one encountered by SMEs. So, our experience allows SMEs to quickly identify schackles and also to give to them an appropriate response.
Claim Processing example
Inadequate treatment to a claim, too long delay in a response, poor resolution, or that the fact that different employees have their own way of resolving a claim, damage the image of the company, increasing the possibility of customers loss, and has an incidence on new customers acquiring. Describing, improving and modelling such a process bring benefits in the short, medium and long term.
Launch of a new product example
A delay in the launch of a new product, or a poor adaptation to market expectations, result in the fact that the product is not sufficiently satisfactory, with a negative impact in sales and allowing loss of market share against better organized competitors. Defining, designing and following properly documented processes, is essential to enable products to meet the customers needs, to be available in a timely manner, and to meet quality standards and planned costs.

SMEs Consulting

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