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How to solve Supply Chain Management issues

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Supply Chain Management is the source of numerous challenges for all businesses in the retail industry. Driven by a commitment to go from ‘good to great’, Zespri Kiwifruit is overcoming these challenges with a focus on optimizing their business processes, ensuring their kiwifruit reach satisfied customers all year round, consistently in top quality condition, in a sustainable manner.

Zespri’s decision to embark on a BPM initiative was triggered by 3 factors:

  • to capitalize on Zespri’s market position and deliver even better products, more efficiently and to even more satisfied customers, taking Zespri from ‘good to great’
  • to support an overhaul of global supply chain management processes and systems 
  • to assist a large organization development project seeking to enhance cohesion and collaboration throughout the Zespri operation

This has been solved by Signavio with their BPM tools. More information on: