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About us

BPM Consulting and Training (BPM CYT) is a Consulting company, whose core business is BPM - Business Process Management.

Nowadays business processes are an essential part of companies assets and competitiveness. The control of these processes is thus of major importance throughout their life cycle:

  • Modelling and formalisation
  • Operational execution
  • Supervision and performance analysis

Today, business processes and information systems are closely related and businesses no longer can dissociate value chains processes from information processing.

A human scaled company, BPM CYT, is characterized by a fast responsiveness and a high commitment towards supporting its customers. 

Bruno van Dam - BPM CYT founder and CTO


- Deep knowledge of BPM (Business Process Management) for multinational companies and also SMEs.

- Support in process reflection and optimization, either current or target processes

- Support in process modelling using BPMN 2.0 standard

- Support in turning processes into applications


In this section, you may download documents highlighting some of BPM CYT know-how angles.